Monday, June 22, 2009

Janet Jackson :circa 1993

Bonjour bloggers!

how are you doing?

we had a great weekend that wasn't filled with sadness. Friday night Brandon and i went to my moms and hung out with my brothers and their friends. we had a great time! Brandon and I decided to play "a round" of beer pong and ended up winning 6 games in a row!! i swear we have never played together. so funny. it was the first time we drank in weeks and wow----i am now considered a cheap date. ;)

Saturday Brandon and i ran a few errands and hung out with my dad for a bit. On our way back we saw the funniest thing. This guy on a bike was wearing the most amazing jacket and i had to share with you all. it made Brandon and i laugh so i thought you would enjoy as well. ;)

amazing right?

Sat night we went and had margaritas for a friends bday and had so much fun. we haven't seen our friends in weeks and it felt SO good to finally hang out!

Sunday-FATHER's DAY!! Happy Father's day to all Dad's out there! Brandon and I got up early and made from scratch one of my dads favorite meals. homemade chili rellenos!! we had so much fun cooking together. i am really loving this whole cooking thing! I also baked chocolate chip cookies from scratch. i felt like such a mom. hehe the cookies came out too fluffy for my liking but they are ok if you want half cookie half cake. ;) We surprised my dad with the food and hung out for a bit. we then went to my moms house and had yummy BBQ and then all went to get a massage. HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! perfect ending to the week.

Hope you all have a great week!



So delicious food! I love cookies so much!

You also were so great, love your outfit! You are a great girl!!

Kisses and hugs,

F Blog said...

I loveee cooking, so fun!! I'm not that good at it though haha!

Maria Stec said...

Oh, what an amazing blog, you've got a fab style and sense of fashion :) and the food, hehe, Im just so hungry now! :D

Dana said...

I'm SO glad you're doing fine!!!

I'll keep praying for your familiy!



eleniii said...

cute outfit xx


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