Monday, June 15, 2009


happy monday! hope you had a great weekend!

let's see...Thursday after work we went to my brother's HS graduation. SO CUTE!!! i can't believe he's done. SCARY!

Friday B and I were in Ventura all day visiting with my dad. Brandon's mom came up with him and was involved in our big meeting with a good team of Dr's. love her! it's heartbreaking for me to hear the reality of the disease and how bad the cancer is but everyone seems hopeful that he can fight this physically and spiritually so we need all the prayers we can get.
Sat-we spent all Saturday with my dad. he's home and it's so nice to visit him at home rather than the awful hospital that makes you lethargic. :( sighhh..

so.....i've been saying for a while that we seem to have a dark cloud over our head-here's a great story...Sat night was our first night home early. we haven't been home in weeks so it felt good to sit on the couch and turn the TV on. Brandon suggested we go have a nice date night. we went to a great restaurant and had a fabulous time. spending some much needed time together and crying over everything we have been going through. (in a good way though) we leave to go home and low and behold our car is gone. GONE!@&*!)!@*!!!! it was towed. ARGHHH! like really? thank god for my brother. he picked us up and took us to the tow yard where we had to pay $143.00 for 2 hours! such BS!!!!!!!!!! but's life right? i swear we have a cloud over us that wont go away! funny now, but miserable sat night. that was the worst feeling realizing our car was gone. there is so much emotion that ran through me that only caused tears to pour out. poooooop.
Sunday we slept in which was heaven and we hung out with my dad and watched the LAKER's kick ass! so fun to share that with him!!

Hope you have a great week! we have too at this point right? ;)


Kym said...

you look gorgeous as always! :) congrats to your lil bro and i'm sorry to hear about your car being towed :( the prices are ridiculous right? this past new years, my bro and his fiancee got into an accident where their car flipped over on the highway. they had to pay $300 to pick it up after it got towed. :(

Maritess said...

Hellooo there.. I can't remember how I managed to find your blog.. but I must say I always like to read it because no matter what is going on in your life, you always seem to have an upbeat attitude about it (a sort of "c'est la vie thing).. and trust me I know a thing or two about dark clouds hanging over you (::cough::all last year..) so I just wanted to say hello and to let you know that your love of love is very infectious! and I will definitely keep your dad in my prayers Maegan said...

omg LOVE your outfit! so cute! ...HS graduation ....centuries ago but I can remember it like it was yesterday. wow. you brought me back.


kristaaaay said...

i'm from ventura! is that vhs?! haha. just found your blog, sorry about your car... such a bummer :(

Trace said...

Hey B, just wanted to tell you I love the picture of you and your dad, reading your post and seeing that pic choked me up a bit. I am keeping your dad and your fam in my prayers. He is blessed to have such a supportive and caring daughter. Thinking of you...


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