Thursday, June 11, 2009

sharing is caring

had to share-

last night after work i drove up to Ventura to see my dad. he is a thousand times better and it was good to hang out with him on better terms. Brandon and i grabbed a quick dinner and when we got home there were BEAUTIFUL flowers from one of my besties!! how amazing is that? she made my day! she doesn't live close either so major bestie points. ;) Brandon saw them earlier and didn't say anything so i would be surprised. it was a perfect ending to a good day! ♥

also, i had to share this with all the cat lovers our there-Brandon and i went to Barnes and Nobles one day when we were in Ventura and we were both zombies from being at the hospital for hours and hours. we were walking around and went to the humor section. Brandon picked up this book called "stuff on my cat" and we seriously stood there and went through every page and laughed so hard it hurt. it felt so good to smile after so many days and it was all because this amazing book. If you have a cat you can relate 100% to the book & website. take a look, i guarantee it's a good laugh.

My little brother is graduating high school tonight! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!! can't wait!


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marie said...

sharing is caring! i love saying that =) so happy to hear that your dad is doing so much better. let's keep it that way! =)


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