Tuesday, August 4, 2009

achy breaky bones.

someone make it stoppppppp! my whole body aches and i want to scream. i feel like a little girl again and the only thing i want to do is cry. i hate being sick. i hate when i have no control over my body. i want to be active and i want to get things done but i cant function. :( i'm turning in to a hypochondriac. is it the swine flu? is it cancer? ughhhh i'm sure it's the "common cold or flu" but FML. seriously. go away! the BF took me to dinner last night and it hit me like a UFC fighter. i could not get comfortable and i just wanted to leave. ugh and we were at sushi. that's when you know i'm really sick. i took NyQuil and passsssed out. today i feel even worse. wahhhhhh. the BF picked me up for lunch and it was so nice. i just wish i felt A-ok! but he did make me smile. thanks boyfriend. love.you.
Hope you all are having a much better day than i am. poop.



♥Aubrey said...

Get lots & lots of sleep sweetie.

Maritess said...

Hope you feel better soon!! Lots of fluids too!


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