Monday, August 3, 2009


this is my 1077th post! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! congrats to ME!Blicious!!
i can't believe it's August. i walked in to Michael's on Friday and they had halloween stuff out. wtf? and i commented on it to the check out lady and she said "oh Christmas stuff is here we just have to put it out". AHHHHHH! this year is flying by and i hate it. :( we are so close to 2010. eeeeek!

10 things that make me happy: ((hoping this list will brighten up my day))
*chap stick. burt's bees.
*ice cold water
*snuggling with the bf
*watching a movie i've seen 20 times.
*making a to do list with different colored pens.
*avocados. on sale.
*hand lotion
*spooning my kitty
*taking a candid picture

ok i feel a little better but now i want to leave and do some of these things! like spoon my kitty. ♥

4:30 update! ((random that i just did the 10 above))
EEEE I just got this award from the sweet Aubrey at Made you Blush! it's the HONEST SCRAP award.You have to tell 10 things about yourself...And pass along to 10 others. i pass this award on to all you lovely readers and look forward to reading 10 things about you!

♥my 10-
*i paint my nails every day
*if i'm singing in the car, you might mistake me for Mariah Carey when you drive next to me. i have the hand movement and all.
*i can't wink
*i get really excited when B and i have date nights. like little kid excited.
*i pray every day that my dad gets better
*i like to think i eat healthy even though i have a bowl of ice cream every night
*i love to travel even if that means sleeping downstairs for a change.
*reading your comments puts a huge smile on my face
*i have to dance at least once a day. dancing in the car counts.
*i wish i could make everyone in my life happy, right now. even my kitties. ♥



♥Aubrey said...

YA....I GAVE YOU AN AWARD. Check it out ♥

nicole addison said...

i paint my nails everyday. every single day! haha i guess we're a little obsessed huh? :)

Her. said...

Why arent you looking forward to 2010?

Amanda K said...

Congrats on the award!


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