Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"The creative habit is like a drug. The particular obsession changes, but the excitement, the thrill of your creation lasts."

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As most of my readers know i am obsessed with painting my nails. it might possibly be an addiction. the BF would beg to say that it IS an addiction. freshly painted nails make me so happy. It's hard for me to go get a mani/ pedi cause i will most likely go home and do them over myself. i know____PSYCHO! i don't really care about the brand so much. of course i have my favorites but i am all about color. if i like the color it's mine! so i thought i'd share with you my pretty collection. this is just my colors..i have another tub full of all my clears (instant dries, top coats, base coats etc) and all of my nail files, correction pens, cuticle oils etc. again-OBSESSED!

anywho-Happy hump day lovies! i'm excited the week is half over! Did anyone watch Melrose Place last night? thoughts? the only thing i liked about it was the amazing proposal with the video. precious! but i can't believe she needed time to think about it!*$)@#*$@#)* UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a great day! XOXO


anacecilia said...

i love your collection :) very cute mine is very small but full of reds and pinks w :) that i love and i always have to have my toenails done nicely :) also i saw melrose place my bff was waiting for me to say that i was going to watch it cus he wanted to watch it too hahaha and i cried most of all when he put the video and my favorite brigth eyes song came on, and my boyfriend was like is that "our song?" hahaha it was so pretty! why did she even hesitate!!?!?! and i cried like a babay during the video :) very cute wasnt it other then that boringgg.

Sarah said...

Oh my god girl, that's one hell of a collection! I am very impressed lol. And the title for the post..? Totally perfect!

anotherfishinthesea said...

holy cow! you are the opposite of me... i so don't have the patience for nails. i think i should take lessons from you!

marie said...

wow!! i think i paint my own nails like once or twice a year. i don't like the feeling of getting pedicures (too ticklish), but i get them, because i like how they look, and i try to make them last as long as possible--like 2-3 weeks!! =)

Fashion Court said...

great collection! haha i recently had to clear up mine :( gotta love the nailpolish!

♥ fashion chalet said...

You nail polish looks related to mine haha :) I swear they multiply overnight. ;)

And, yes, get the shoes, super comfyyyy and super cute on! :) LOVE 'em!

x, thanks

sharon said...

i dont see any Essie in there-or did I miss them?
Essie Wicked is my signature color.
LOVE it and it lasts longer than OPI.try it, youd love it.

Allegra said...

omg!! I'm impressed!! I think I've never seen sooooo many nail polishes! wow!

Winnie said...

I thought I had quite a lot of nail polish but I am soooo wrong. You have like 4x as many in these pics as me. Haha.

I know what you mean about not being able to get a manicure because you'll just redo them at home. That's precisely why I can't even bring myself to get I'll do it for free!

Blicious said...

Sharon-i am in need of some Essie! YAY!

sharon said...

B-Im painting Wicked as we speak. I want Angora Cardi too. Let us know how it goes! You will LOVE it. (shaz=sharon)


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