Monday, September 28, 2009


HAPPY Monday!! I had the best weekend that is going to take me a few posts to get through. ;)
starting off with Jessica's bachelorette party..... Jess is my boss and all the girls and Michael from work took her out and we had a great time!....we started off at Dominicks. the food was delicious, the drinks were yummy and the place was so cute! we dressed Jess up in the cutest Bride stuff and took the best pictures!! love! After dinner we walked over to Guys and Dolls where we had a table with unlimited amounts of alcohol. ::we know the owner, tee hee ;)::: we had the best night! all of us made Jess flash cards with different dares she had to do and she did them ALL! amazing! well that's all i'm going to say..what happens at a bachelorette party stays with the bachelorette party! ;) raaaar!

EEEEE can't wait for the wedding!!!! ♥


Fashion Therapist said...

Awe these pics are so cute. I love bachelorette parties!

Couture Cookie said...

Looks like you had a great time! Bachelorette parties can really be hit or miss... this one was clearly a hit. :D

anacecilia said...

how fun!!! :)

Anonymous said...

looks super fun!


It seems that you had so much fun! Those play stuff are so much fun! I am laughing!! hahahahhaha


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