Wednesday, October 14, 2009

date night!

Happy humps lovies!!!!

Brandon and I had the BEST date night on Friday. We went to a delicious but oh so pricey dinner at Mr Chow (dine in LA ♥) and then went to see Couples Retreat at the Arclight. ♥ dreamy!!!! the food, bottle of wine, hottest date and cute movie was my ideal date night! Thanks for a perfect romantical night baby! you are the very, very, VERY BEST! KISSES!!!!!!!

shirt-F21, skirt & tights-AA, shoes-zigi soho, clutch-Marc Jacobs, rings-DIY,house of harlow

P.S. the movie was OK. it was very cute and funny at times but a little too long. i say Netflix it! ;)


brandon said...

I am amazing! Why you ask? Well I am the #1 commenter!

It was a great date night for a few reasons...

1. Hands down, I had the hottest girl in the entire place.

2. Although we could have eaten at Lowry's twice for that price, it was the best Chinese food.

3. I found my limit to a movie...about 72 minutes. In the 73rd minute is where I start to feel the need to doze off...

SUGAR said...

aaw you lucky thing! and im suffering from severe hair jealousy too... ;)


Sarah said...

Love the bag! You look adorable!

A "cheery" disposition said...

love your outfit... i have almost the same one on in my post.

Kym said...

omg your shoes... i love them!!!! and yay for romantic date nights!!

sara said...

you look beautiful!! wow! the green looks great!

Couture Cookie said...

Green is a fab color on you! Love the shoes as well. xo

Annie said...

loving the whole look girl!
the boots are amazing! the ring, awesome!! you look fabulous :)

thesydneygirl said...

you look absolutely stunning! wow @ those boots! x

A La Mode said...

You have accessories down to a T! xxx

ANDY said...

you look adorable!!!!

Andy from

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

Hello, I'm new here and I must say ..I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! Love it! Also, can I please move in to your closet, ok thank u!! byeee

PS: Your bf's comment is the cutest!!! AWWWW

Alicia said...

Love love love your outfit! It looks like you guys had a great time!

LaLouboutin said...

Love the whole outfit! That high waisted skirt is super hot!

cupcake♥trash said...

love this outfit.


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