Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's important to find your identity and your legacy! -Yogi tea..


Hi! hope you all had a great weekend!
Our weekend was mellow yellow. Friday night we went to hang with a bestie for her bday! we had so much fun hanging out and catching up!
Saturday B and i walked to one of our favorite breakfast places to eat. so yummy. check it out here!
we watched the Cowboys kick ASSSSSSSSSS! (wooooo)! B wasnt feeling well so he stayed home and i went to the Mondrian to hang out with MareBare for her Bday! ♥ we hung out in the room for a bit and then went down to Skybar. it was chill but Skybar is not my favorite place. it's been forever and a day since i have been on Sunset. doesnt seem like im missing out on much but new places to eat. ;)
Sunday I went shopping with my mom and hung out with Boyfriend.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!



anacecilia said...

i love your white jacket!


you are sooo beautiful!

Jenn said...

looks like fun - love the black flower ring!!

Annie said...

sounds like a perfect weekend!
you ladies are all so pretty!
love that ring hun!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the quote and great photos- all of you ladies look so pretty! xo, Mel

Ash Fox said...

You all look gorgeous! Looks like a fun night!

Maritess said...

I love that ring!! so cute! I swear everytime I see your pics I wanna get bangs.. but I know I couldn't pull them off like you!

Brandon said...

you rocked the white jacket like any hot model would have. Dont forget what I told you, its not how expensive the clothes are, its how you wear it that makes it look hot. thanks for playing nurse over the weekend! I am all better now!


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