Thursday, January 7, 2010


(that was the only part of the movie i liked)
Boyfriend and I finally watched 500 Days of Summer and i was so disappointed. the ending sucked...well to us at least. i was so sad for him. it was so cheese ball for nothing. boo.

our weekend plans are:
besties bday tonight!!
another besties bday tomorrow night!!
lots and lots of picture taking ♥


thank you all for your sweet comments! you make my day. you make me smile.
HAPPPPYYYYY FRIDAY lovies!!!!!! i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!



Cassimus T. said...

ooh i know! the end sucked hardcore..but it was very bittersweet thinking back at all of the flashbacks..he really did overlook all the bad- but seriously...theres always a little bad to make the good just that much better!!

the soundtrack is great though:)

Cassimus T. said...
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Fashion Therapist said...

I love that movie and I'm so jealous you're going hiking. I miss that about living in LA. Have a great weekend dear.

Tights Lover said...

I hope you have a great weekend!

anacecilia said...

i have yet to see it but no you made me not want to see it! i hate crying in movies i get so emotional i don't cry i bawl like a baby :( have a fun weekend!!

So Stylish So Sassy said...

OMG, my bf and I saw that movie too and we were so disappointed. he says I pick the best the movies...LOL!

thesydneygirl said...

my boyfriend was dissapointed at the end of that movie too. i liked it cause it was realistic. but still - we don't watch movies for realism. we watch them to feel good.

happy new year lovely!!



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