Monday, February 22, 2010

Courage Confidence Character-Girl Scouts cookie box.

(ughhhh i ordered girl scout cookies from a coworker-3 boxes- and now i.cant.stop.eating.them. fatty in the house!!)

Happy Tuesday!
Saturday night brandon and I went to a friends and then we all went over to a bar in Sherman oaks. we had fun drinking and meeting new people! (umm, i finally tried an irish car bomb and loved!) well i loved it before everyone was yelling at me to drink it before it "curdled", then i gagged. SICK! why does it curdle? eww and isn't curdle such a gross word? bleh!

Brandon and I had a photo shoot on the way back to the car. 2 drunkees walking down the boulevard. so fun. love him.


dont forget to do your taxes! ;)


The adorable Julie gave me the Happy 101 award for bloggers who make you smile! THANKS LOVE!! i love reading her blog. she's so cute and really funny. :)
so here it goes ((as if you dont know enough about me ;)))
10 Things that make ME happy:
*Knowing that Boyfriend and I always have our promise rings on no matter what
*Being on time wherever I go
*Freshly washed sheets
*Shopping online but never checking out
*Putting a reminder in my phone for every little thing so I dont forget
*Booking vacations and counting down the days until the trip
*Waiting for the time to fly by to finally see Mariah (for the 2nd time)
*Picking up boyfriend and talking about our days
*Sending evites and reading all the funny RSVP's
*Planning a bday themed combinded partayyyyyy

Happy Tuesday! (it's really my Wednesday!)

M A R I A H * C A R E Y

86 days until our trip! ♥


Elizabeth said...

Your ring is big and amazing. I love it.

And thanks for the reminder to do my taxes...blah.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun night.

Thankfully we don't do our taxes in the UK.

anastasia b said...

i love the girl scout cookies...esp the shortbread. I could eat those forever!

xo anastasia b

Faux Naif said...

you look great! i LOVE your green ring!

Scientific Housewife said...

Very nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

great post!

briannelee said...

Love your jacket and your ring!!!

"Julie" said...

ahhh the drunk photo shoot, some of my favorites have been taken in that state!! Enjoy Mariah!!!

Girl scout cookies are my kryptonite...thin mints, samoas, and the new lemon ones...yum

Missy said...

love your top!

For everything about fashion:

Marina Siero said...

i love that outfit! great jeans!


♥Aubrey said... the promo for "Do Your Taxes". Lol

Eeeeek!!! Enjoy the concert tonight.

Annie said...

love all the photos! you are always dressed so darn cute!
jealous you have girl scout cookies...i didn't order any.

MOLLYKT said...

your top is gorge, and i really want some cookies now!

Ra said...

looks like you had a blast! loved the pictures.

Nicole Marie said...

love your jacket!

F Blog said...

so fun!! and mmm i love girl scout cookies.
i see you are going to jamaica! you are going to love it, it's soo amazing! I've been 3 times! xx

vagabond sister said...

u're cute :D

Micaela said...

you are the prettiest thing i ever did see!!!! i love EACH of your outfits and your etsy. how have i never met you before?!?!!

hope you had fun seeing Mariah! what an awesome concert. I miss counting down to trips... although in less than 2 weeks i'll be celebrating my birthday back at home in TEXAS! that's pretty exciting to me :)


jessica whitley said...

soo cute, i really love the brown leather :)

S.Elisabeth said...

Looks like such a fun night! (AGH! And I know those girl scout cookies are so. hard. to resist)
You look lovely and congrats on the award!!

Barbara said...

Oh man, I remember how tanked I got the night I tried my first car bomb. This guy I didn't know at the time (now one of my good friends) bet me that he could drink 2 before all 5 of my friends could finish one. Then we started playing that game and the night became a blur.

Fashion Court said...

it curdles!? ahhh i'd get so grossed out too haha!

have fun at mariah carey, darling! xo

tinypaperheart said...

love the color of your jacket! :)

♥ Christine said...

you're so beautiful! :) it's always so lovely to find local bloggers! yay!

omg vacation! so excited for you :)

have a beautiful week!!

<a href=">Tie Me a Bow</a>

The Beauty In Me said...

LOVE That You Notifying us of Tax Due Date!!!

Goodle. said...

Love your jacket!! And i really like your fiances outfit too, especially the hat! haha :D

Goodle x

The F Word Online said...

hey girl, sorry for the late response. life is feeling just a little too unorganized and crazy, ha. how jealous am i that you're going to jamaica ?? cute photos and cute bag ! looks like u had a great night

xx lue

Anne said...

thanks for your sweet comment ! i really like your blog ! x anne

kirstyb said...

love this outfit and that jacket is fab xxxxx

Andie said...

congrats on the award
and i love your jacket! :)

Krimly said...

lovely photos!


Anonymous said...

Love your photo shoot :)

And I am soooo feeling you on the girl scout cookies, J bought me like 5 boxes. crap.

MIA said...

love the ring

JenRem said...

Oh my do I adore that jacket. Seriously, AWESOME. love, love, love, love, love it!


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