Friday, February 12, 2010

i have a really bad sweet tooth!

Peanut butter chocolate chip rice krispy treats! ♥

i forgot to take a pic of step 4 1/2-putting the rice krispies in but you get the point. ;)

Boyfriend and I went to a few vintage stores last weekend and I didnt find anything except for this apron skirt that makes me feel like a new woman. i swear it has magical powers. i put it on and want to be the next top chef...and i also dance and sing as if im the best cook ever. thank god boyfriend just laughs and takes pictures and doesnt find it a turn off when i some how manage to make up a song about baking. teehee!
love you boyfriend. even though we fight for kitchen space. ;)

This Valentine's weekend we will be doing a lot of cooking. yes, WE. i think it's so fun to cook together! i love everything about LOVE and this holiday is all about sharing the love.
i love you Brandon.
i love you Dad, Mom, Mom and Hal. (i call my step mom, Mom.)
i love you brothers. all 3 of you. and sister in law.
i love you Scarpelli's. you are my second home and i thank you for loving me.
i love you friends. so much! you have no idea.
i love you mixie and mowgley. (our kitties, babies, life.)
i love you house. you are so cute and keep us safe.
i love you job. i met great friends and love what i do.
i love you camera. you are always there.
i love you food. you are always there.
i love you readers for making me feel so loved and special. i love blogging.
i love you dance. i miss you and will start dancing soon. very soon.
i love LOVE.


Jenn said...

you're just the cutest thing!! happy valentines day!

AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

OMG those look so good. I have a major sweet tooth and I wish we weren't snowed in and I could make a midnight run to the grocery store!
Love your apron skirt too! You look like a gorgeous version of Julie/Julia.

beckyxoxo said...

That seems yum ! Oh my ! I want it so badly ! Haha . Thanks for sharing ! Happy Valentine's Day ! <3

Lottie said...


Kinsey Michaels said...

Aww I love that floral skirt! And those rice krispie treats look really good, I've had some like that before. I totally need to get in touch with my inner baker :)


this wheel's on fire said...

i have such a terrible sweet tooth too!

Kym said...

hmmmm-mmmm that looks yummy!!! and you're so funny... making up songs about baking. my bf says my life is like a musical cus i make up songs about everything. hahaha!

F Blog said...

this is sooo cute! and omg this made me so hungryyyyy.

Anonymous said...

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Savvy Gal said...

oh yummy! Can I come over?? : ) Happy V-day!

Fashion Court said...

those look DELISH! happy vday, darling! xo

kirstyb said...

looks yummy x

Ra said...

num nums. anything with peanut butter makes me happy.

Marina Siero said...

mñam mñan

seriouslyright? said...

awww shucks. Love you too!



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