Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dare to prepare

Happy Tuesday!!

Saturday-part two of B's FIESTA-we went to Hermosa with a bunch of friends and met friends down there. My boss lives there so we met up with her and her hubby and their friends and drank alllllll day long. The hermosa pier is a great place to people watch especially when everyone is dressed up. amazing! it was such a gorgeous day out! After a few hours of drinking we all went back to our house and more people met us there and we partied all night. One of our girlfriends bought Brandon a pinata and it was the best thing ever. i seriously almost peed my pants from laughing so damn hard. Some other friends made Brandon a HUGE bull poster for everyone to sign. ((inside joke)) but it was also amazing! I decorated our house so it looked like a Fiesta/ hot wheels party. The boyfriend loves his cars and that was all i can find. side not::::Boyfriend collects hot wheels so it worked out perfectly! haha we also had B's moms corn beef and cabbage, shot after shot, American idol wii, my homemade special cheesecake (thanks to Jess for helping) which everyone demolished, party poppers, party hats and so much fun!

i know i say this ALL the time but i love our friends. we have the best group of friends and i simply adore them all!! Thanks to everyone for the special Bday wishes for my special man!!




so...Can we talk about all these damn earthquakes? it's seriously freaking me out. :( i am terrified of them...everyone make sure you have an earthquake kit at home! click here to make sure you are prepared.

Hope you have a great day!


65 days until our Jamaica trip!!


Brandon said...

hahahaha oh man these pics are awesome! Another thing I noticed, I cant remember the last time someone got a pic of me NOT wearing a car related t-shirt! LOVE IT! i am building an automotive t-shirt empire! MU-HAHAHAHA

lamia said...

Great pictures!!!
Happy bday!! I wish you all the best!!

Mary Margaret said...

LOVE your sunglasses! That's quite the countdown to vacation lol you must be awfully excited!

Golden Stilettos said...

Fun pictures!

It's so important to have great friends.. who you can rely on and just have an awesome time with!

You are both blessed to have those friends because they are hard to find!

Happy Birthday to B!

"Julie" said...

man you had some FUN lady!!! Happy Birthday to B! love the "no bullshit" sign!

Anonymous said...

We don't get many earthquakes in the UK [thankfully] but I remember the last one, it felt like someone was shaking my bed, very scary.

Elizabeth said...

Your boyfriend collects hotwheels...adorable :)

the style crusader said...

love your sunglasses! those are too cute! xx

What is Reality Anyway? said...

so fun!

Katelin said...

hahaha looks like a great party, love the pinata.

Anacecilia said...

i love how fun you guys seem and you don't seem to loose the love!

Winnie said...

Cute pics, you look like you're having such a great time! I love your sunglasses!

A "cheery" disposition said...

aww, your song brandi just made me kind of sad. My sis is name brandi and I miss her.. she lives far away

Couture Carrie said...

So fun, darling!
Love these party pics!


S.Elisabeth said...

Ooh I hope everyone will be alright with the earthquakes!
And so madly jealous of your party! Looks like so much fun!

~*Katie*~ said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!!!

The Fashion Bloggess said...

wow! another great post, along with every other! Just love your blog sooo much! such an inspiration :) am bookmarking you! Hope you can stop by mine sometime!


jessica whitley said...

love the st patricks day headband haha, cute photos!
65 days isn't too long!


Emilie said...

Great pics!

Anonymous said...

looks like youre having lots of fun!
thanks for sharing
and as always, thanks for the sweet comments!


Missy said...

fun pics x

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Savvy Gal said...

What is this earthquake everyone keep on talking about. Did I sleep through it? Anyway you gals and guys look like you are having a blast. : )

Wacky Jacky & Silly Willy said...

waah! What a fun looking fiesta. Love your shades hehe.

Yeah I slept through that earthquake...and I'm a light sleeper. How strange and scary!

Gant Jackets said...

Great pics! looks like so much fun!


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