Monday, March 8, 2010

long time no see!!

Hi guys! Sorry i have been MIA. i'm back and ready to post away..last weekend was ehh...B and I saw Alice in Wonderland at the El Capitan and it sucked. UGH so disappointed. the "experience" was cool (confetti everywhere) but the movie was lame. i love kid movies but this was weaksauce. Johnny Depp should know better. :(

anywho..i took a cardio barre class last night for the first time and LOVED it! OHMYLANTA i am so sore but feel amazing. i highly recommend it for those who love to dance and sweat.

It's my hunny's bday on Friday and i can't wait! he's turning the big TWO SEVEN. EEEEEK!! scary since im next. lol. surprises in store. ((((yes Brandon, i said "surprises". deal with it. ;))))) P.S. the hunny hates surprises. but i love i win. teehee.

things that make me smile:

Brandon came home with a balloon bouquet last week and made me smile ♥


Mixie Marie the Queen of Tarzana
she is my best friend and gives me kisses and makes me smile.



he's the very best and makes me smile.


Missed you guys! i will be catching up on all of your blogs soon.

Have a great day!



jessica whitley said...

I've been hearing dissapointing reviews on alice in wonderland which sucks because i'm really looking forward to seeing it :/
your cat is too cute, btw!


The F Word Online said...

oh jealous ! how was alice in wonderland? i really want to see it !

xx lue

theKcloset said...

I was SOOOOO upset with Alice in Wonderland, I was expecting so much more :(

Sorry Johnny - we still love you thou


Jenn said...

bummed to hear that alice sucked - i have been looking forward to seeing it!!

Barbara said...

Thanks for the heads up on Alice.

Wacky Jacky & Silly Willy said...

Yeah I heard some pretty bad reviews of the movie.

Even Johnny couldn't save it!

So much hype for nothing.

cupcake♥trash said...

cute post, too bad that movie was disappointing I'm going to see it Friday

B a la Moda said...

You are the second person that I see not very happy with the movie. I think there were a lot of expectations created.

B* a la Moda

Courtney said...

Wow we don't have movie theaters like that in Kentucky ! Looks like the movie would be good, sucks to hear it's not :( Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

I don't I'll watch the Alice in Wonderland film. I'd rather have keep my own interpretation of the book in my head.

Scientific Housewife said...

Wow, that theater is awesome! My husband is the same way; he hates surprises but I love them!

Fashion Court said...

oh man i'm so disappointed about alice in wonderland :/ i wanted to see it so badly but then decided not to because of everything i was hearing!

Winnie said...

Well it's been doing incredibly well at the boxoffice right?

I've heard majority good reviews on the movie but one or two disappointed ones. I guess I need to make my mind up myself!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

I keep hearing that it sucks [the move]. Sad. Anywhoddleee my bf's bday is this next Tuesday... and I've been driving him nuts with some "surprise activities" that I put on the calendar.. bwahahaha boys never like surprises.

SabinePsynopsis said...

Cute kitty! Yes, I read rather bad reviews about AiW, so am not surprised about your harsh critique. Wonder if I should watch it... I guess yes, just to have my own say.


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