Monday, April 19, 2010

coffee does a body good...

Hi bloggers! Happy Monday! i would have seriously given anything to sleep in today. the weekend went by way too fast. but we had a great weekend!!

Friday night B and I had date night to see date night. it was funny. love them together! the story was a little cheesy but we enjoyed it.
Saturday we cleaned out our guest room and rearranged it. SO MUCH BETTER! We had Empire come and quote us on hardwood floors. that might be our next project in a few weeks! EEEEEEEEE!!!! we then went to Ikea and bought a new TV stand, umbrella for our balcony and a few other amazingly cheap things.
We went to Santa Monica with some friends for one of our friends birthday! she is a dear friend and we had so much fun! ♥
Sunday we put our new furniture together and went to watch Angelique bartend for a bit. fun! we left and went to Urban Home where we ran in to my brother and sister in law (does this mean we are all old when we run in to family at furniture stores in the middle of a Sunday?). so funny. Brandon and I ended up buying an AMAZING bed and ottoman. CANT WAIT UNTIL WE GET THEM!!!!

Our house already looks a million times better! love it!


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! If you were in SoCal i hope you enjoyed the amazing weather.


31 days until JAMAICA!!!!!!


Courtney said...

You should rephrase your title to say "Coffee does a body GREAT" haha. I know what ya mean about waking up on Monday mornings! You look darling as always!
Have a great week!
(PS: Isn't the weather in SoCal ALWAYS beautiful? haha)

Dancing Branflake said...

Cute picture! I love Ikea so much. It's so addicting just like their meatballs.

Brandon said...

*date night? check.
*guest bedroom cleaned & rearranged? check.
*shopping at IKEA? check.
*Party time w/ friends? check.
*Beauty sleep for Whooty? check.
*Man time at SuperCar Sunday? check.
*Family Laker Game/LBGP? check.
*Urban Home bed & ottoman? check.
*short work week? check.
*Las Vegas this weekend? check.
*love you til the end? check.

welcome to a weekend with B'Squared.


you look so cool girl!

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

Definitely amazing weather around here!!!

Patty said...

Love the way you layered that outfit :)

Rock'n Roll Ballerina said...

Cool outfit! Love your heart shaped ring:) And about coffee..can't live without it eh:) Even if I have to have a great cup of chai as well each day...:)

Anonymous said...

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