Tuesday, March 8, 2011

friends, wedding, dance auditions...

♥ tank/ bandeau-F21
♥ bracelet-diy
♥ sweater-urban

Happy new week!!! where is this year going? seriously?!

Fiance and I had a great weekend!!
Friday night I had a much needed girls night out. I went to dinner with two girlfriends to Eveleigh! Delicious food and drinks! so fun to catch up!

Saturday Brandon and I cleaned out our garage (since we already registered) and then went out to Long Beach to Mai Tai. we were there for 6 hours. No joke!!! we drank, ate, played games and drank. loved!!!

Sunday we did some more wedding things (post coming soon) and then I had auditions for the next LA Unbound show!!! I am so excited to start dancing again! We are still selling our 2011 calendars. check them out here!!!

Hope you are all having a great week!

I am having some ladies over tonight to start wedding projects!! cant.wait!!!!!



Dancing Branflake said...

How fun! A girl's night out is always a great thing. The calendar is great! What month are you?

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

How exciting about your "LA Unbound" audition...I am sure you were FABULOUS!!! Glad you had such a fun and successful weekend and some time with the girls...always a nice thing!

Liesl :)

yiqin; said...

Yay for great weekends :D

Anacecilia said...

how fun! hope all the wedding plans go just like you've dreamed!!

i missed your blog!

Jill said...

Good luck with auditions I'm sure you'll do great! I miss dancing for myself so much. I'm still teaching but it's young kids.


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