Friday, March 4, 2011

a few things

**photo taken on my mom's bday after we registered.
♥ coat-tulle
♥ scarf-gifted
♥ leggings, tank, glasses-h&m
♥ bag-marciano
♥ flower pin-diy

a few things on my mind.....
*is it really March???
*i want daylight savings to come now!!
*why do some people purposely want to hurt you? someone who was a friend?
*i'm hungry.
*How can someone break in to your home? your safe zone? WTF is wrong with people?
*i miss dance.
*I've been a DIY'ing machine and cant wait to show you my updated shop.
*I couldn't listen to Kiis this morning because miss auto tune B.Spears was on. ugh.
*i hate being on a so called wedding diet when girl scout cookies are everywhere. notice the box in my bag above. goodbye diet, goodbye.
*i had pizza last night. oy.
*i can't wait for San Diego.
*umm, am i really going to be 28 soon? EEEEK!
*i'm still hungry..
Hope you all have a great weekend! ours is going to be filled with friends, drinks, cleaning out the garage (ick), and dancing. yay!
Fiance, i love you.


Star-Light said...

cute :)

love your coat!

Dancing Branflake said...

Did someone break into your home?

And what a cute picture. Love that coat!

Anonymous said...

i love you. the end.

Giulia said...

cute yellow coat!

Kiss kiss
from Italy

Winnie said...

You two are freaking adorable! The background looks so gorgeous. What a lovely day to get registered, makes it all the more memorable...that is until the big day of course!! The yellow coat is lovely.

Sarah Whitney said...

Girl you look super pretty in that jacket! PS, the photos in the post below gave me a good laugh... so adorable.

Sophie Carmo said...

Lovely :-)


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