Sunday, June 26, 2011

♥ Bridal Shower weekend ♥

♥ Dress-Free People ♥ heels-Bakers ♥ flower ring-DIY Blicious ♥ Hat-DIY (post coming soon) ♥ bling earrings-the downtown mart ♥ clutch-Marciano ♥ Bouquet-handmade by a bridesmaid


The table decor and my fiance handing out sunflowers to each girl! ♥

Sunday was a dreamy, cloud 9, hands shaky, emotional kinda day. My amazing bridesmaids threw me the most beautiful bridal shower with 12 of my closest girlies! It was a hat shower at a tea house in Santa Monica called the Tudor House. It was beautiful! They made me a sign, and brought in the prettiest flowers for the table. Brandon's mom made all the desserts that are to die for! So fun! I loved everyones hats! I got the most amazing sexyfied gifts, fun cookbooks that have so much meaning, Mrs Scarpelli things including a bathing suit, jacket and hanger for my dress, gorgeous Bride stuff, aprons for the birde and groom, a burke williams gift card and more! and all the girls put together a photo album with pics of US inside. It was perfect! I seriously have the best friends! I have known some for years, recently got to know a few, worked with some, dance with some and are related to some. I love each relationship I have with them. They are all amazing and I am so blessed to have them all in my life. I felt so special yesterday thanks to all of them. Best day ever! I only cried a few times.....just a few... ;)

I made my bridesmaid a beautiful necklace as a little thank you for everything. They are sliced amethyst and each one was a different cut. i wrapped them in lace and made each name tag. i love anything handmade!

We also played a game and I failed. Brandon answered a bunch of questions and I had to answer how he would. let's just say.....we were off. I was off. way off. but i love him! :)

A very special thanks to my future husband! He showed up towards the end of the shower with gorgeous flowers for me, my mom and his mom. and then came back inside with sunflowers for every girl. he's perfect. in every way. ♥
I can't wait to be his wife!

Best bridal shower ever! I've dreamt about my bridal shower since I was a little girl and it was perfect in every way. I can't wait for my Shower in a few weeks with my family! ♥

I hope you all had a great weekend!




Brandon said...

You are too cute! It was so nice watching you get ready and all of the anticipation leading up to the shower. I knew a long time ago this would be exactly what you wanted and deserved. As I looked around the table at all of the girls, you could see that each of them was genuinely happy to be there for you and celebrate us!

The days are counting down fast and before we know it, you'll be my wife!

Love you til end baby!

Tania-Dreams2011 said...

Beautiful shower! Looked like so much fun! And your finaco's message above, how sweet!

Andrea said...

haha cute pics! you all look fab!

Summer Athena said...

looks like such a good time, hon. i love your dress and your smile is so bright!

Tracy said...

YAAAYY!!! SOO much fun! Tell Brandon I'm sorry for not taking amazing pictures with his camera; I was having a hard time staying focused while drinking, laughing, and trying not to cry! Beautiful day! (and thanks for getting married!!)

Katelin said...

aw your shower looks so cute! glad you had such a lovely time.

♥Aubrey said... fun!! You are going to be a GORGEOUS bride. Can't wait for your beautiful day to come. Glad your bridal shower was a great success :)

Lauren@ "Happiness is..." said...

looks like you had a blast! I love your hats.. what a fun idea!

Ivana said...

Wow, this really looks lika you had a blast! Congratulations on your wedding! I can´t see the pics from your DIY :)

xx Ivana

Fashion Addict said...

Awww, these photos remind me of one of my friends bridal showers. You look sooo happy and wish the best for you!

Kym said...

Looks like a beautiful party!!! I love all the little details, the theme, and your gift to your bridesmaids. Your big day is coming soon!!! Time is going to go so fast!! :D


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