Thursday, June 9, 2011

guys night out.


Last night Brandon worked the Forza 4 launch party at LA Live. Forza 4 is an automotive Xbox game and if you are in to video games or cars it was the place to be. It was a gorgeous set up, open bar, amazing food and the amount of money spent on the event was insane. if only.......
Brandon ended up working the whole event but it was fun! we even took pictures with the famous Stig (i honestly thought Brandon was going to pass out). So funny that no one knows who he is. Travis Barker and Mix Master Mike performed and it was amazing! Travis is honestly the best drum player ever!!! he didn't stop! and MMM is simply amazing! the only word that comes to mind is dope. when is the last time you said/ heard that word. memmmorrriiiesss.... They were dope. ♥

it was a fun night to see the fiance in his prime. I'm so very proud of all of his hard work!!

hope you are all having a great week!



Jess ♡ said...

Ahhh it looks like you had a blast despite Brandon having to work the entire night. Also, stop being so gorgeous please? <3

Jill said...

looks like a fun night! It's so great that both of you get to work in jobs you're passionate about.

Couture Carrie said...

Looks and sounds like a fabulous event!
Love these pics!


Krystal said...

that looks awesome and good for him!

Tights Lover said...

I think it's time we bring 'dope' back. Love it!

Looks like an amazing (if a bit crowded) time. Travis Barker is always an easy guy to pick out of a crowd, isn't he?

Bree said...

For some reason, he was always my favorite blink 182 member.. I found him and still do, so sexy lol

Brandon said...

To my #1 fan...Thank you so much for coming and supporting me even though I only got to see you for a few minutes. Having you there made the many hours put into that event all worth it.

Love you sweety!


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