Monday, December 17, 2012


My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Connecticut. I can't even try to imagine what they are going through. This world we live in can be a scary place sometimes and it's so hard to comprehend what happened. It is so devastating to think that in a blink of an eye your whole world can be flipped upside down. I can't imagine being told this horrific news. I just can't. I love my family so much and am so thankful everyday to have the life we have. They mean the world to me and I can't imagine carrying on without them.

We need more good in the world. We need more love. We can't keep hurting each other. We can't.

God Bless everyone involved with this tragedy. Sending you my prayers and love. you are not alone.

Life is a blessing and we must cherish the ones we have. Some days I get so caught up in where I want to be and planning my next 30 years of life. I really need to take a step back and simplify my life a bit. I am happy. I am in love. I have an amazing family. I have an incredible Husband. and I am so very blessed. I am so thankful.


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