Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday with my Muffin's

Happy Everything bloggers!!!

How was your Holiday? I hope you all had a special time with your loved ones! :)

My family and I went to Palm Springs for 5 nights and it was so relaxing. My parents rented a house big enough to fit 10 people (4 couples, my brother, a baby and a dog). There was an amazing pool and a hot jacuzzi. We ate the best meals, lounged all day, played mini golf, went go-karting, played games, watched movies and r e l a x e d. We had a Costco outing and let me just say if you haven't been to Costco with 8 people in your family, you are missing out. best.time.ever.  I know everyone's nephew is the cutest but guys.... My nephew is the cutest snuggle muffin head ever! Phoenix has my heart and we are best friends! We had a Merry Merry Christmas! I feel so blessed to have shared Christmas #9 with my Husband! His new name is Muffin. MY Muffin. (well everyone's new name is Muffin) I love that Muffin so much. He made me the sweetest slide show for Christmas and I just love love love him. It was nice spending the holidays with so much love. We all had the best time together. <3

 can not get enough of those cheeks!!!!!!



We hope you had a lovely Holiday! Any big plans for NYE??? do share...


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Couture Carrie said...

Adorable pics, darling!
What fun!



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