Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bomboloni caldo.

Ciao from Florence! I'm sure "ciao" is getting annoying but I haven't even been here a week. Please bear with me...

Husband and I stumbled upon this place while walking home called Cucciolo Bar Pasticceria and I have to write about it. I'm sure to locals it's not a place they go to. It's crowded with tourists and is always packed. We noticed their pizzas for 3 Euros and had to stop in. Everyone was so friendly. We got two pizzas and two beers for so cheap. We sat down at a table and noticed everyone coming in for their "donuts". My ears perked up. DONUTS! what?! where? what are they? when were they made?
So...they have been making these donuts aka 'Bomboloni caldi' for 70 years. seven zero. It's their specialty! and they are 1 euro! They make a cream (crema) filled one-custard like, chocolate one (which I'm pretty sure is nutella-swoon) and a marmalade one. Husband and I got a cream one and chocolate one and shared. oh how my life changed.
These puffy little treats were divine. To make it better...We noticed they were falling from the ceiling in this contraption and in to powdered sugar. WHAT?! They are shot from the kitchen in this tube to the front and dropped in to a sugar pool. Amazing right? I know.

If you are in Firenze, you must go try a donut. or two. no judging.


Another thing I 100% love about Firenze is the nutella obsession. my kinda place. :)



Holly said...

mmm, donuts!! glad your enjoying yourself!

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