Friday, May 31, 2013

La Bella Vita- twelve things.

Life has been pretty hectic lately. Brandon has been traveling like a mad man and we just celebrated our TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Ten years. Being so close to Paris we just had to. :) Best Anniversary ever! Details coming soon. I promise soon. Not 2 weeks out soon.

How are you? Come va? I have so much to discuss with you and yet I find it hard to decide what to post about. My life has been non stop. We finalllllllllyyyy received our Nulla Ostas for our visas in Italy and let me tell you. The best news! It's been a crazy struggle and I have them in our house and just giggle. It took so long! Next step is going to the US Consulate in LA to get our visas and then it's hellloooo Italy for 2 years! The good news is that we get to go home next week! I am so looking forward to family time, seeing our amigos and relaxing at home! The best thing is that we are going when my nephew turns one. I'm so so so thankful I'm not missing his birthday! There is so much more I am thankful for but I thought I would make a list of the strange things I am really looking forward to. The things I miss while living in Italy as an expat...

1. Going to TARGET. omg I can't wait! I try to explain Target and no one knows what it is!
2. Getting my eyebrows waxed! I look like a muppet character. I went to someone here when I first arrived and had the worst experience of my life.
3. Doctor check ups! yes, I'm actually looking forward to this. Within the first month I had to go to the dentist in Italy because I chipped a filling. figures. I was so scared being in another country and thankfully had a great experience.
4. CVS shopping spree. oh I can't wait to go up and down every aisle. slowly.
5. Buying converse. They charge a fortune for chucks out here.
6. Eating....sushi, mexican, in&out, BBQ, sushi, sushi and my parents cooked meals. mmmmm
7. BAKING! We don't have an oven. Where are we?! So I'm dying to bake. d y i n g .
8. Buying a ton of birthday cards, miss you cards, love you cards, anniversary cards. I can't read Italian yet, ok. don't judge.
9. Buying zip lock baggies. yep. sandwich bags. they don't sell them. Only at Ikea and that was an experience. That post will come in 2 weeks. I'm exhausted thinking about our adventure.
10. Buying bisquick for pancakes! They don't sell pancake mix. lord, I'm so excited.
11. Speaking english and not pointing and playing charades every day.
12. Being in the sun! The weather has been crap in Italy. rain rain rain, cold cold cold. Bring it Cali, bring it!

There it is. 12 things I miss about the US. Not that bad considering we have been here for 2 months. Everything else is an adjustment but we love love love.

Florence, we are in love with you.

This LA trip is going to be so exciting for us because not only are we getting our visas we worked so hard for but we get to complete our little family by bringing our cats back with us. We are so happy about this! It's been really hard without them and I can't wait to have them in Italy saying Miao! ;)
Have you ever flown with a cat? Please give us any advice. I'm terrified.

Hope you are all amazing!


marie said...

awww! love it. made me laugh. wish i was going to be in LA, too!! congrats and have so much fun!

Jen ♥ said...

That all sounds amazing! I can't imagine living without Target. And ziplocks! So weird! That is AMAZING news you get to bring your kitties back! I can't imagine 2 months without my pup. I hope the time before then flies for you and then it slows to a crawl while you're in the States! :-) (Can't wait to hear about this Ikea trip too..)

Pip said...

I get excited about going to Target too! I really need to go there soon too! xx Pip

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Katelin said...

aw have so much fun at home!

Mouthwash said...

HAHAHHA CVS and slowly walking their isles. I can totally relate!! I do that with craft stores. So dangerous. I wonder if you will have a bit of "culture" shock when you get back to LA? I wonder if you've acclimated more to Italy than you know...

Elle Sees said...

the best news is the kitties coming!! i would be a basket case without my pup!!

Let's talk about everything said...

I simply love the concept og your blog...Love that your hubby is wid you in it... I and my bf run different blogs and they are about totally different things!! And I was in Germany for 3 months and faced similar problem...specially during grocery shopping...I had no clue what I was buying... hehe.. I visited Florence too and I must say it is so beautiful!!

Thanks for visiting my blog ... following you now ... hope you can follow back ... <3

Newmexicotoitaly said...

Ha! One of the first things I did on my trip back was to go to Target! FYI you can get pancake mix here at Vivi Market on Giglio close to SMN


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