Friday, May 10, 2013

t h r e e

It's been 3 days since husband has been gone. t h r e e . He doesn't come home until Monday and I literally hate it. Is there a "how to deal when your husband leaves when you don't want him leave since you love his company and you hate when he travels" book I can read? Most people say you'll love being apart one day and I hope that day never comes. In t h r e e weeks we will be celebrating 10 years together and I hate being apart for 5 days. and not just because I'm a loner in Italy. I hated the traveling when we lived in LA. We just hate being apart. Call us gross and lame or weird or babies or whatever, but it's the truth.
Truth-We work better together. If he came to work with me I'd probably become CEO (and maybe we would want to kill each other) but still. 30...CEO...sounds great. ;)
False-I love having him around every second of every day. No offense love, but it's nice to have ME time. It's nice to enjoy a glass of wine and blog and paint my nails (maybe I've painted them 3 times so far this trip, maybe not...). It's nice to eat what I "make" for dinner and smile at what I accomplished. Sometimes it's just nice to be alone. I'm all for it. But one night, two night, DONZO! I can't sleep...I'm not eating meals and lord knows how cold it is in our bed without him. If you know me and us you know I'm not the chef in our house. He cooks/ cleans/ smiles/ hugs/ kisses and is just perfect. I don't cook/ clean when he's home if he didn't already get to it/ complain/ eat/ hug and kiss. match made in heaven. :)

Every little noise I hear I think it is a murderer trying to break in and find my passport or maybe they want my amazing potpourri. God it's amazing. Or maybe this place is haunted because it's Florence and it's old and...EEK.
Oh's just the night club uuunce uuunce uuunce uuunce make it stop!

I miss you. More than words (although I hope this blog post makes you smile).
I can't wait for Monday and wouldn't be mad if you took an earlier flight.
COME HOME SCARPELLI! This Scarpelli needs you. k, thanks.

Sappy sesh---complete.
thanks for tuning in.



ralizabeth said...

You guys are the cutest! I hate being apart from my guy, too so I can totally relate ;)


Anonymous said...

You two are so adorable! I hope to someday find a love story like yours - happy. And to think part of your story happened in the same high school I went to... :)

Jen ♥ said...

I'm SO there with ya girl! We're celebrating 10 years this summer & I HATE when he leaves me too! But I do love my alone time too :-)

alex liddell said...

wow amazing blog,love your photos,and keep up the good work


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