Saturday, May 11, 2013

La Bella Vita- Heater in Florence

'Baby it's cold outside'
no Baby, it's freezing inside!

I know we missed the winter in Florence. The dreadful long weeks/ months where Florentines stay inside and pray for sunlight. But since we have been here it's been freezing in our house at night. The weather is so moody. It's beautiful during the day--hot/ sunny/ dreamy and every afternoon it rains. When husband is cold, you know it's freezing! The floors in our flat are brick and the walls are concrete and exposed brick. It's beautiful but holy hell it's so cold. Brandon and I had no choice but to invest in this fancy heater below. We.had.too. The building controls the heating in our flat and let's just say it never turns on. And unlike LA where you call your maintenance guy and he comes to fix it within a day... Italians don't care. They just don't. Our building manager doesn't care and the agency we rented this place through doesn't care. And when we complain and they hear's a lose lose. game over Scarpelli's. So we are left alone for survival.

This heater is magical when you are sitting right in front of it and don't move. Our place is a loft and very open and there is just no way it's warming up. We were told the power here can be pricey and since we haven't received a bill yet we are nervous and try to not use it. uuufff. Another lose lose.

So our nights consist of sweat pants, hoodies, onesies (for me only), socks, slippers and sometimes gloves. no joke. There is no streaking going on in this casa. You would have to be so brave or in the middle of a drinking game. After shower time at night it's so dreadful and I swear you turn in to a power dryer and clothes putter onner so you don't freeze to death.

You can only imagine sexy time is filled with laughs and....ok ok, enough said. We don't even know each other. You have to buy me a drink first... ;) but I'm sure you get it...

I need my bear blanket also known as husband to get his butt home so I can stay warm. :)



Mouthwash said...

Wow. That sounds absolutely unbearable! I'm proud of you for hunkering down though.

I used to live in a place that was always on the extremes. Either "I'm living in an oven hot", or "babe, look! I can see my breath!!" cold. I understand!!

Elle Sees said...

i would have to have the sexy times constantly to stay warm, hehe

marie said...

omg. i do not like that kind of cold. i'm loving this expat series you have going on! you da best!

Irene H Steel said...

I hate cold!!! I prefer that sexy part of hot jaja :)

Anonymous said...

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Winnie said...

Oh I bet it's cold! When I was in HK, they have really short winters so they don't really have anything in the way of heating so I was layered up to the max when I was there last Feb!

Jen ♥ said...

Oh man that's the WORST! I hate being cold! In the winter my space is heater is my BEST friend! Praying your electric bill isn't outrageous! (& that it warms up more soon!)

Anonymous said...

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