Monday, July 15, 2013

La Bella Vita- Walking to Biking

The normal way to get around Florence is by walking. You literally walk around for hours from monument to bridge to museum to garden to look out points to pizzerias. The amount of walking we do in one afternoon is so nice. And the amount of dodging cars, vespas and buses is also pretty impressive.  Back in LA we rarely walked. I mean walking around the mall for 2 hours was a big deal and it would make us so tired. Brandon and I would make it a point to walk to the store a few times a week but this was nothing. Not even 1 mile to and from. (or 1.6 km for you Italians). :]

So it's fair to say the first few weeks here in Florence we walked everywhere and anywhere and our legs at the end of the day/week/month were jelly. We are still researching massage places here...Two weeks ago Brandon got us both bikes and I feel like we live in a new city! Although I love walking and exploring Florence the amount we can cover in one bike ride is amazing! We bike ride every chance we get. It's so fun to explore outside of the city center and get lost in Italy! 

Saturday we rode up to Piazza Michelangelo and then made it to San Miniato al Monte. It was a hard ride that I didn't think I would make but the church and views were breath taking and so worth it. If you're in Florence look up towards the hills and you will see the most beautiful church. That's where we went. all the way up there!  The church was so big and beautiful. I swear we are not religious people but there is something so powerful about walking in to a church that started being built in 1013. <---did your mouth drop!? The history here is just so so so amazing and we feel so blessed to call this place home.We walked around and enjoyed the incredible views of Florence, the old cemetery and the quaint neighborhoods around. Such a perfect day! 

Sunday Brandon and I rode to the Parko delle Cascine. We were riding along the river and then after the 2nd bridge past the Ponte Vecchio the roads got wider, the tourists disappeared and I literally felt like we were in a movie. The gorgeous buildings looked like backdrops to movie sets. We were all alone riding in and out of these wide streets and it was just perfect. We stopped at a small kiosk in the middle of the park and shared a beer and pringles on a small wall.  Pure heaven. We got lost in a residential area and just enjoyed the Italian heat. and each other. I swear ten years later and I just adore this man so much. Love you Scarpelli!

It was a perfect weekend.

S a t u r d a y
S u n d a y 

I hope you all had a nice weekend!!


Jen ♥ said...

Man, you guys are living the life! That seriously DOES look like the perfect weekend. I've heard so much about Italy and how amazing & historical it is but you guys are LIVING there! So cool. Thanks for continuing to share with us!

Katelin said...

love this so much, seriously makes me want to go back to Florence right this second. so beautiful.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

what a great way to see the city and i am loving your stay in Florence...such an awesome experience! how's your Italian coming along?

Liesl said...

You both truly LIVE life, and I LOVE it!!! Such beautiful pictures, as always, I feel as though I a on this wonderful adventure with you...and now, I want to go on a bike ride! :)

Mouthwash said...

Awe, you guys are so cute!! And yes, I can imagine having bikes would make a huge difference!!

Linda said...

Thank you for your comment!

Florence is most definitely on my bucket list! These are lovely photos. I love churches too and I'm not religious either. Christians just create such beautiful buildings xx


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