Thursday, July 18, 2013


Ciao lovies!
I am so behind in blogging about this life of mine but here we are. Thursday/ Giovedi and I have the world to share with you. The bad/ the ugly and the most beautiful experiences. is all about my best friend. My favorite person on this planet. My favorite human in the world.

His name is Brandon. I call him Scarpelli. Ten years ago we rekindled our love. And ten years later I love him so much more. I wake up sometimes and ask myself how. How are we still in love? How does he want me? Why did I get so lucky? It scares me sometimes. But we are B'Squared and we'll make it work. We always do...

For our ten year anniversary we went to Paris. Paris muthafuggin France! It was a magical trip that I am excited to share bits and pieces with you. I have been to Paris 12 years ago and Scarpelli has never been. I promised myself when I was 18 that I would be back with my Husband one day. le sigh. We arrived on Friday night and our hotel was perfect. We checked in and left to explore. We walked straight to the eiffel tower and it was the best. Scarpelli and I had a moment in the park when all the lights turned off and the twinkles started going on the tower. We were off to the side and there are no words to explain the feeling I had. We walked around in the freezing cold and enjoyed the fresh air and romance of being in Paris! :)

Saturday we had a busy day. We went to pick up our Paris passes and went to the Louvre, Notre Dame, Holy Chapel, Love Bridge and rode a double decker bus! Crazy busy touristy day including escaping the rain in between cappuccino and crepe breaks. It was so great! Day 1 was amazing and wore us out.

 c u p i d
arch de triuuuuuuuuuum ph

This is day 1.5...

Stay tuned for more.



Dancing Branflake said...

Sooo sweet! The perfect love post. I love that you guys put your lock on the bridge. Adorable.

Beauty said...

Beautiful pics; Happy Anniversary to you.

Kyra said...

Lovely lovely you! Great Inspiration! ♡Kyra

Tuesday Chronicles said...

oh my gosh I love it!! I'm gonna be in Paris this Saturday and I'm RIDICULOUSLY excited, so seeing this post made me even MORE excited (if thats even possible). I'm actually surprised that it was that cold in Paris! My weather app is saying its gonna be fairly warm when we go, tho a bit chilly at night. Anyway, Happy Anniversary to you guys!!


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