Sunday, July 21, 2013


My most favorite moment in Paris was when Brandon surprised me with the best date on Saturday night. He made the plans and I had no clue what we were doing. Dinner, show, bar?? no clue. We got dressed up and got on a train, then on the tube, then ran because we were "going to be late". I didn't know why we couldn't just call the place and tell them we would be late but it all made sense when I found out we were going on a dinner cruise down the Seine. I died! I think I yelled out loud when I found out. He's just so good to me.

We got to our table and had a bottle of wine waiting for us. It was a magical night. The food was amazing, the beautiful Paris monuments were stunning all lit up and my sweet husband was simply perfect. There are no words when this man I have been with for 10 years can still pull off such a sweet surprise. Even if he asked me 10 times throughout the day "Can I tell you what we're doing tonight"? I'm glad I said no. I LOVE surprises.

After dinner, wine and dessert there was DANCING! I died again. Is this real life. Of course we got up and danced. It was the most perfect night that I will cherish forever. 
Cin Cin to ten more beautiful years! 

I just adore this man. 

Ciao Tutti! 


Couture Carrie said...

How lovely, darling!
Beautiful pics and sentiments!


Is This Real Life? said...

Paris looks beautiful and it looks like you had such a fun trip! X

Katelin said...

aw what a wonderful trip and a great surprise!

Anonymous said...

Good surprise !
Bonne journée
Suzanne d'Orléans.

Anonymous said...

So lovely. I like your blog.

Elle Sees said...

just got caught up with your blog! aw, this is toooo wonderful, sweet, and romantic. sigh....
congrats to y'all!

Henna | HENNA BLOSSOM BLOG said...

Awww, so sweet! What a great memory! Love that he surprised you! :)


Online PhD UK by Takisha Patel said...

Congratulations, you just met an almost perfect man for every woman. Like you, I also love surprises, though sometimes it is already a negative surprise. Anyways, your Brandon loves you dearly for all those things he did for you. You are so lucky to have him. Just a piece of advice, never let him down as you could not find anyone like him.

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Helen Keyes said...

You’re so lucky with your man. Well, you looked like a perfect couple. Love is in the air!



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