Saturday, September 21, 2013

What happens in Greece...

August Vacation.
What can I say? Why are you already gone? 
It was simply divine. I love using the word divine…

Brandon and I ran around Florence the first week of being off work. We went to Pisa and helped hold up the tower. ;)
We rode our bikes to Cascine Park and went to the Le Pavoniere pool to stay cool from the awful Italian heat. just horrific. But our real vacation started when we were off to Mykonos, Greece. It was perfect!!!

The actual island is a desert and doesn't have much. And the wind is out.of.control. There are 26 beaches and all are amazing! We rented a scooter for 8 days and explored the whole island with the crazy drivers! There are no driving rules in Mykonos. Pretty sure stop signs mean speed up to the Greeks. pretty sure. I just love love love being on a scooter with Brandon. Laughing the whole time and just being so happy. It's the best feeling and I just can't explain how happy it makes me! Takes me back to my favorite day on our honeymoon...I tried to drive it a couple times and let's just's not my thing. :) 

We rented beach cabanas and sipped cocktails all day long. We discovered the best dessert known to the human race::::vanilla cream something baklava without nuts:::: To.die.for. We went to the Komninos bakery every day to get it. The lady was so sweet and we will forever remember how kind she was. Kind=giving us a free slice at 4am when we were stumbling back to the hotel. Kind=going on our last day and to find a new guy working. We were bummed and missed our kind lady but then we started talking and he goes "OHHHH you're the couple she was telling me about" and then treated us to free vanilla cream something baklava without nuts! Simply divine! You MUST visit them if you are ever in town. 

We went to Cavo Paradiso to see Steve Aoki and let me just say I discovered I can't hang like I used to. Brandon and I danced the night away at the most beautiful club I have ever been to. It was amazing and by dance I mean jump up and down because I have no clue how to dance to that kind of music. ;) We got on our scooter to go home at 6:30 am. It was insane to watch the sunrise but we managed to stay alive! We loved Mykonos and spending 8 wonderful days in the sun! I can go on and on but I'd rather show you through photos! Cheers!



Beauty said...

Beautiful pictures and memories. I can tell you both had so much fun. Greece is on my list of places to visit too.

p & mj said...

yay, I finally got to catch up. how amazing, as always. love the daily details and all the pics. you guys are the best!

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing pics, darling!
You look so happy!


Elle Sees said...

always love your creative pics! greece is on my bucket list most definitely!!!

TOI said...

Greece looks so beautiful. Definetely on my dream holiday. Love the picture of your jump :)


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