Friday, January 22, 2010

mellow yellow

I hope you all have a nice, cozy weekend! Boyfriend and I dont have any big plans. tomorrow we are bringing in our car so they add interior stuff, exterior stuff, an alarm and lojack. woo! our plans are to stay in, snuggle and possibly work out. :)

pics taken at wearing mellow yellow. you can buy one like it HERE!

Hope you have a great rainy day!


Brandon said...

I cant wait for a lazy ass weekend! Time to clean the house, catch up on laundry, do some more art, take pics of course, party with friends, eat yummy food and snuggle with our bubs.....wait that doesnt sound so lazy anymore....

♥Lola said...

Love the headband, it's really pretty :)

sharonlei said...

What a fun little blog you have going here.. (I love the song too!!) You and your boy are such cuties!! and I love your little "about us" section in your sidebard.. kinda reminds me of me and my hubby.. we "dated" when we were little kids... then started really dating when we were seniors in highschool... and have been together since... we got married last year!! :) oh and we also 'craft' together. hee hee.

Take care!! and hope you have a great weekend.

Love & Aloha,

Fashion Therapist said...

Love your yellow headband. Hope you guys are staying dry out there in SoCal. I remember when I lived there the thing that would frustrate me the most is that people didn't know how to drive in the I hope you stayed in for most of it.


Great head piece!!

barbara said...

I love that yellow headband. You are so pretty.

Winnie said...

The yellow hair band is soo cute on you. This weekend has been perfect, lots of lazying about, trying to savour it as much as possible because school work is going to get crazy from now!

Afrodite said...

Oooh love it! I was looking for hair pieces like that! Thanks for the link :)

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Anonymous said...

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sweet headband!


ediot said...

hi cutie. i had an pretty passive weekend too :) nice though. ah you should go for that heart-tee- would look amaZing on you. sweetie.

xx ediot


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