Thursday, May 6, 2010

cinco de margaritas


so...every year we have people over for ritamargas and this year was no different. B and i made homemade chili rellenos, his mom brought over rice and chicken fajitas and other amazing snacks. We drank one too many margaritas and laughed all night. a day at work after drinking and going to bed around 2:30 is not a good day. wahhhh but so happy we had a great night with great peeps!


Hope you all have a fun weekend in the sun! :)

13 days until our Jamaica trip!! we passed the two week mark! EEEEEKKKKKKKK


Anonymous said...

awh great pics! sounded great time, hope the hangover wasn't a killer hehe. i love the framed board in the first pic, i want something simular! x

Dancing Branflake said...

Those look delicious! Oh my gosh! And you are way too beautiful.

Anacecilia said...

you guys are so fun :) i love it! i skipped lunch today and the talk of chiles rellenos yummmy!

Karinaxoxo said...

awww jamacia. i am so jealous

Scientific Housewife said...

Looked like fun!

StyleCake said...

YUM! I totally didn't celebrate cinco de mayo this year, sadness. but looks like you had a good time! and yay for jamaica!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Oh, this looks delicious and like so much fun. I have to say I had one of my worst hang-overs from too many margaritas... But that's another story.

marie said...

those chile rellenos look so yummy.


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