Tuesday, November 23, 2010

let me see you do the gobble!


Hope you all had a happy turkey day!

♥ i'm thankful for ♥
♥ my love, best friend, partner in crime, FiancO Brandon!! he is my world and i can not wait to marry him!!!!!!!!!
♥ my family. all 3 of them. they are the very best!
♥ my friends!! we have the best friends. we've known some forever, some are coworkers and others are newbies! love them all.
♥ our sweet amazing kitties who are my best friends!
♥ our health! Brandon and I have been through a lot and we are blessed to be healthy and happy.
♥ im thankful that i have so many amazing followers on this blog. thank you all for your sweet comments and making me smile every day. i love my blog and i love all of you!

Hope you all have a happy long weekend!!




Katelin said...

hope you had a lovely thanksgiving brandi!

thesydneygirl said...

how nice!!! love all the things u r grateful for :) X

Krystal said...

hilarious picture!! hope you had a great holiday weekend!

kirstyb said...

lol loe that pic x

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving!! You two are so cute!

Kym said...

still very excited for you guys! :) thanks for your comment about my venue... have you already started planning?!?! :P

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ediot said...

hi darling. hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving
thanks for sharing the thankful list.
i love how thanksgiving make people stop and think about what is good in life. and not the regular what is wrong with everything..
hope you're having a wonderful week dear


yiqin; said...

Sucha cute photo! hahaha


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