Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Today is a very special day!
Today is mine and the Fiance's EIGHT year anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 amazing years ago I started dating the love of my life. ♥
Today is also 100 days until we say I DO! dying!!!!!

i love EVERYTHING about you! you are my best friend. i love the life we have built and i can't wait to be your wife. I am your biggest fan! i am so excited to start a new chapter together. you make me so happy and i love you more and more every day!

these songs are all for you future husband!! ;)

8 amazing things about my fiance:
♥ he takes care of me.
♥ he is hilarious!
♥ he dances with me in the kitchen.
♥ he cooks for me.
♥ he supports me.
♥ he puts up with me.
♥ he makes me feel safe.
♥ he is the best friend anyone could have.

I am so lucky and blessed to have you by my side. i love you till the end.



Andrea said...

congrats dear :) you 2 are so cute <3

marie said...


Bree said...

Wooo! Happy 8 years!! :)

French Lover said...

So sweet <3 Happy 8 years !

Brandon said...

I'm so bummed I didn't see this earlier!

Happy 8 Year Anniversary to the most special, loving and caring person I know. Any random person would look at that list of songs you posted and be completely lost. I look at them and get a rush of memories from over the years. So crazy!

I can still remember sitting on your couch on this day 8 years ago asking you to be my girlfriend. Now we spend our nights planning our wedding which is approaching so fast! I consider myself to me the luckiest guy in the world to share my life with you.

Thank you always being there for me and showing me the true meaning of love.

I cannot wait to begin our new chapter in life as husband and wife!

I'll love you til the end baby!

Krystal said...

happy 8 years, that is awesome!!! mark and i just celebrated our 13 years of dating...oh my gosh.


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