Thursday, August 4, 2011

denim happies.

Jean jacket love. i love the look! i've never stopped wearing mine to know they were making a "come back". oopsies..
According to "it's time to dust off your jean jacket".
i'm in love.

Happy Thursday bloggeees!



Fashion Cappuccino said...

I love Cameron's outfit! I need to wear my denim jacket again! xoxoxoo

Krystal said...

it's a good work look for me, i can't believe i threw away my jean jacket right before i moved last month! figures :)

Andrea said...

i love cameron! she´s always gorgeous in denim!

Winnie said...

I think they're fun to work into everyday style but they're funny aren't they? They're too hot for Summer but too cold for Winter. I don't think I have been wearing mine enough this year with the dodgy British weather.

BTW. Hope you had an awesome time in HK! I have only just returned :)

Alicia said...

❤ denim too, always looks good. You can dress a denim outfit up or down & it always seems to work :) Great picks, have a lovely weekend! ❤

Meriem Rawlings said...

Love ur blog. Thanks for comment.


briannelee said...

I purchased a jean jacket 4 years ago and I always get excited to wear it come fall.


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