Wednesday, August 3, 2011

meet me at the barre.

Dance is my passion. my inspiration. i grew up dancing and so happy i did. although there was a time where I stopped, I never stopped loving it. I'm so happy my parents put me in dance at such a young age. and all kinds. so I can find my passion. my heart. i never loved anything the way i loved dance. i remember running to class and being the tallest girl in the room. i was so self-conscious and would slouch to try and be shorter. but when we started dancing there was nothing that could bring me down. i felt free. every worry, every insecurity, every negative thought seemed to disappear. dance was my escape from the world.

then came Brandon. a boy I met when I was 12. Our relationship is like Dance...but more. The love I have for him is not explainable. It scares me to death that we are still so in love after eight years. crazy in love! How is that even possible? How did I meet my soul mate at such a young age? We have had our fair share of unhealthy moments. For a while it felt like we were constantly being tested. but at the end of the day it has always been us. We have come a long way together and have watched each other grow in to two totally different people eight years later. The amazing thing is that we love the people we've become. I love who I am because of him. How are we still so excited to have nights alone on the couch with a drink watching a funny show? He is the one I can't get enough of. The one I hate being away from. He is the one that gets under my skin like no other. he makes me happy. he makes all the negativity seem to not matter. he inspires me every day. the best part is that HE will be my husband in ONE month!


We received 8 rsvp's yesterday and i cried. I don't even know how i am going to function the day of the wedding. it's already a amazing blur. ♥

Happy one month away from being married Fiance!

this is my song for the day. because I simply love to love him out loud!




Liesl said...

I love how much love you have for dance...I often wish I had gotten into that at a young age! I love that you and Brandon still have such a wonderful love...that is amazing!!!

Also, Woo Hoo on the RSVP's you got...I have often wondered how I will function on my wedding day too! That said, I know that through the tears you will look beautiful and I am so excited for you and your wedding in 1 month...ahhh!!!

Liesl :)

Leya said...

wow your love story is amazing..and i'm really so touched..i wish my relationship last long too and get married one day..maybe i could even ask you :P so excited for you..can't wait to see your wedding pictures..all the best in your new journey! :D

Morgan said...

So beautiful...loved this!

Brandon said...

Growing up, our parents always told us that when we find true love, we'll know it. They were right. However, little did they know, we would hold on to that love and let it grow and grow until it flourished into marriage. Every single day that passes makes me so happy knowing that we will officially become one. To share the Scarpelli name with you has been a dream of mine for as long as I could remember and we are days away from that becoming a reality.

I'm a firm believer that our passion for life and accomplishing our goals is what has played a large part in us building an unstoppable relationship. Both of us allow each other to follow our dreams and live them together instead of individually. That's what makes us B'Squared.

Looking forward to celebrating the official 30 day countdown tonight ;)

Love you til then end.

Dancing Branflake said...

Aww... so sweet! I feel the same way about dance and my love. One more month. Eek!

Lara {simply irresistible blog} said...

so adorable that you cried after receiving rsvps. It will be a beautiful day if you have that much love for one another! I'm soo excited for that point in our planning (our wedding is less than a year away!) crazyness.

bananas. said...

girl...that was downright precious! i hope your lover read all that cuz that was beyond sweet. I'M almost in tears.

happy one month away from your wedding day! woohoo!!!


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