Monday, August 1, 2011

please tell me what there is to complain about..

How was every ones weekend??
Mine was amazing!
Friday night we went go karting with friends and my bro's and had a great night! we did 3 rounds and by the end I was bruised and beat up from racing. It's fun to play like a kid sometimes. :)


Saturday B and I met with our florist at our venue and I can't even describe the level of excitement we feel! It's all coming together and I can't wait!!!! T minus 32 days!!! ♥
Saturday night we had a surprise party for B's Moms boyfriend and it was a fun successful night. We all dressed up in football gear and I was so excited to wear the cowboys jersey with my new last name on it that Brandon's mom gave me. LOVE!!! Mine has the number 6 for my bday and his has the number 12 for his bday. 1.2.3....AHHHHHHHHHH! ;)


Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy August! We have the busiest month ahead filled with all wedding to do's! Bachelorette/ Bachelor parties in 2 weeks!!!



Morgan said...

Awesome weekend! Love that you went go karting. I've never done but I so want to!

Tights Lover said...

I haven't been go karting in forever!!

Jill said...

awesome jersey!!!

Alicia said...

Sounds & looks like a fab weekend! I had a great weekend too, with lots of dinners & pool parties :)
Enjoy this week dear ❤

Lou said...

Great photos, looks like you had lots of fun.


Thanks for your comment.
I love karting, it's so much fun.


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