Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"for us, we just did what we said we do~we kept our vows"

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day!!!! I have been sick since Friday. FRIDAY!~! I have the flu and can't remember the last time I felt so bad. so miserable. so helpless. wahhhh. My super husband has been one amazing doctor. He's the best and although I tell you guys all the time, he really truly is the best Husband in the world. We put our Vday plans on hold since someone coughing up a lung and making sushi rolls sounds like anything but fun. I woke up to a g o r g e o u s bouquet of my favorite flowers, the sweetest card and my best friend making us heart shaped burgers and fries. He knows how to make me smile. :) I didn't feel good at all and he made it a great night even though I may or may not have passed out right after dinner. He is the very best and I love him for taking such good care of me. ♥


Have you seen The Vow? amazing right? well, I cried the whole way through. Brandon took me to see it over the weekend and my god...Can you believe it's based off a real couple?!?! Her husband made a vow and he is the sweetest man. his goal "Our one hope is simply that it will inspire our children, and other children, to do what they promise to do, to grow up and to be men and women of their word". precious!!!! Their love is truly inspiring and I am so thankful I have a love like that. I have not one single doubt that the love Brandon and I share is just as strong. OUR VOWS mean the world to us and our word will always be kept.

There are so many people today that you never fully get to know. They lie, cheat, hurt, pretend to be something they aren't. why? I'm not so sure. Stay true to yourself and happiness is all yours. :)

I hope you all have a great day! and don't forget to get your flu shot. ugh...



Brandon said...

Valentine's Day is a day to remind each other how much we are loved in any capacity. The flowers, food, chocolates etc. are all just things that should assist in showing your true love for the other person, not define it.

Whether you were sick or feeling 100%, we showed each other how much we truly love one another. You went way out of your way and used up all of the little bit of energy you had to make me a card and leave love notes around the house while I played doctor and slightly revised our menu from the usual.

Aside from you being sick, I personally feel like it was a successful and meaningful Valentine's Day! Speaking of vows, I think we did exactly what we said we'd there for each other through sickness and in health...

Love you til the end...

Mrs C ♥ said...

Oh hun...hope you feel better SOON! That sounds pretty awful! Glad you have such a good Doc though!

Pretty flowers! I'm positive I couldn't make it through that movie without crying..I can't believe it's based on a true story either! :o)

Tracy said...

I can't even read your blog without crying, how do you expect me to sit through The Vow?!?!

Muah! beautiful soul!


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