Monday, February 8, 2010

oh when the Saints....go marching in....

hope you all had a GREAT weekend!
we had such a fun weekend! ♥
The BF and I had such a perfect day yesterday. He got up early to go to a car show while i slept in. ;) he came home and I woke up to him, coffee and a heart shaped donut. lovehim. we got ready and went to Forest Lawn. ♥ it was such a gorgeous day out! we then went to a huge, fun Superbowl party with all of our friends and family. we had such a great time drinking and eating. (((homemade mexican food has my heart!))) can't wait for lunch today. Boyfriend and i won $20 bucks and I couldn't be happier. we hate to gamble so it was fun to win. we had a long day yesterday and I am so tired. i did not want to get out of bed this morning. wahhhhh.

B had a press car all weekend so we had a nice drive with the top down ;)
someone let go of balloons at Forest Lawn. so pretty!
and let the madness begin...
B's grandma is so cute! and the best cook ever!

I know i say this a lot but we honestly have the best friends and we love every single one of them! too bad i only took a few pics yesterday. and my camera was in my hands all day. oops.
Go Saints!

Have a great day!



Brandon said...

hands down the best people, best food, best drinks, best party! thank you for such a fun weekend! love you til the end!

♥Aubrey said...

Those are the BEST football glasses i've seen yet!!!
Looks like y'all had a wonderful weekend. GO SAINTS!!!

Maritess said...

OH my gosh you guys are too cute for words! I love your nail polish color! What is it??

Julie said...

WHO DAT?!??!?!!?

Jenn said...

looks like so much fun - especially the car. :) it's about 20 degrees here and we're expecting 18 inches of snow tomorrow, so i am ESPECIALLY envious of your convertible. :)

cupcake♥trash said...

so glad the saints won!

Barbara said...

I love those football glasses.

Anonymous said...

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Friend in Fashion said...

Cute photos - lovely blog :) You are totally gorgeous! :)

L said...

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