Monday, February 22, 2010

Once you go, you'll know.

Boyfriend and I had a great weekend! we booked our anniversary vacation to Jamaica!!!!!! OHHEMMMGEEE! we are so excited! we are going to Ocho Rios for 6 amazing days! it was the best feeling when we were booking it. we were like little kids in a candy store. ♥ can't wait! ♥

we had to buy red stripe to celebrate!! yeah mon!


Friday night we went to City Walk to meet up with a guy Brandon had a meeting with. we went to a few places for food and drinks. very chill.

I am SO excited for this week and here's why:
*Tomorrow I am going to see Mariah!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!
*It's a short work week because the bf and I are going to Vegas (for free) this weekend! MEOW!
*oh and did I mention how excited we are for Jamaica??

I hope you all had a great weekend!

87 days until our trip!! ♥


Kelly's Adventures said...

I love your outfit! and how exciting about your trip!

Chloé said...

glad you stopped by my blog! you are so adorable! and how fun that you get to go to Jamaica! that is so exciting! and have fun at Mariah!!

Velvet Rose said...

thanks for the comment.. very nice blog! =)

Couture Carrie said...

Love your coat, darling!

Soooo exciting about Jamaica!


the style crusader said...

oh jamaica sounds amazing!! and i love your coat! xx

SAUVAGE said...

jamaica?! sounds amazing. & I love those boots!

Scientific Housewife said...

Wow, sounds like fun!

"Julie" said...

I'm so jealous of all of this.
1. the trip
2. that coat
3. red stripe
i left you a surprise on my blog too!

Violet said...

oh wow so exciting ... youve got alot going on! i love the yellow and the boots

Vi from Cali

Jill said...

sounds like fun! I want to go on a vacation :(

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous too, I'd love to see Mariah in concert and I adore your coat, very stylish.

Thanks for the comment btw :-)

Helen (In Elegance)

Posh said...

You look great especially your hair, so beautiful!

Maritess said...

yay that's so awesome! I've been dying to go to Jamaica!! You guys will have a fantastic time!

Bubbly Lifestyle said...

love your coat:)

Senorita Fashionista said...

How exciting! I would love to get somewhere warm like Jamaica. Love the boots and yellow coat! xoxo Jolie

SaraJ said...

oh jamaca. that will be great.

Fashion Therapist said...

So jealous! I could use a warm vacay right about now. So fun!

Anonymous said...

very cute! thankyou for commenting.

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

OMGGG Jamaica! I've heard it's gorg!!!

Have fun sweetie,, and 87 days.. that's like nothing.

Brandon said...

First off, I cant stop smiling knowing we are 87 days away from celebrating 7 years together in Jamaica! Second, to know you get to see Mariah AGAIN makes me happy for you. Last but not least, this weekend is goin to be out of control! Vegas + Nascar + B'Squared + all expenses paid = GUARANTEED FUN! Love you til the end lifey!

Uly said...

cute outfit!

thank you for the pic comment


Barbara said...

Jamaica is one place I would really like to visit. I'm sure you guys will have a GREAT time.

Anonymous said...

isn't booking a trip together the best feeling ever!?! i totally know what you mean about that giddy feeling! happy monday!

bananas. said...

dang are living the good life right now. your week sounds awesome!!! and VEGAS!?! LUCKY!!!

Wacky Jacky & Silly Willy said...

Yellow coat = amazing.
So glad about your planned trip! Exciting much~

Oooh also Vegas and Mariah, gurl I is jealous.

Hope yall have fun!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Love you outfit! Totally jealous of your trip!

Michelle said...

You look so adorable!

apparellel said...

i am so in love with that yellow coat!!


Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

So jealous of all your exciting trips! Take lots of pictures.

Clara said...

love your jacket.
great blog

Friend in Fashion said...

Your trip sounds fabulous! I'm sure you will have a fabulous time!

P.S. love the coat :)

fadetoblack said...

omg great jacket color!!

June Paski said...

love the colors of ur jacket, and have fun on your trip, can't wait to see the photos :)


Mouthwash said...

woooohoooo!!!! I am so excited for you guys! yay!

Love that coat and those boots! I have a pair by jessica simpson that look a lot like yours...

(love the mirror message in the background!)


♥Aubrey said...

Jamaica...WOW!!! Instantly made me think of the movie: "Cool Runnings". Hahaha...i luv it ♥

Anonymous said...

your outfit is super cute .. love it!


Anonymous said...

love it
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for the sweet comments, love it!


Romany said...

Oh wow I seriously love your outfit, especially the coat. So cute.
Have fun in Jamaica!! :)

sayablack said...

Thanks for your comment!
and this is nice blog.
I want to go to VEGAS,too!!!

Hannah ♥ said...

Jamaica? I'm insanely jealous!
Love your coat and boots



iva said...

i totally envy you! ;))
nice look! ;)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Okay, not only do I love your outfit; but I'm kind of obsessed with the fact that you have the words "I Love You Forever" scrawled across your mirror in what looks like red lipstick. How fabulous is that?!

And JAMAICA???!!! I think I may be more excited for you. You're going to take loads, and loads of pictures, right??? :)

Andie said...

woah you went to jamaica, thats so cool!! and i love your coat :)


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